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Breathe Warm...Stay Active...Enjoy Life!

A simple, effective mask for use in the cold outdoors

The CT Mask was designed specifically to give you the ability to breathe warm, moist air outdoors in cold weather. Inside each mask is a patented thermal exchange module which affects a heat exchange cycle regulating air flow through its chambers and directing the air over a low turbulence thermal medium. Heat and moisture from your exhaled breath is captured within the module and transferred into your next inhaled breath of fresh air, setting up a cycle of breathing warm, moist air.  Even in freezing temperatures, you will breathe 80 degree air!

For more information, see:

The Cardiopulmonary Effect of a Heat and Moisture Exchange Mask on COPD Patients during Cold Exposure-Jun09.pdf

Attractive - the CT Mask comes in Camel and Charcoal Grey and makes an attractive winter accessory.  Comfortablethe CT Mask is specially designed for comfort - with contours and shaping to hug your face in warmth.  Softthe CT Mask is made of fleece and other fine materials, making it soft to touch and more importantly, soft against your face.  Adjustablethe CT Mask has adjustable straps to provide a perfect fit.  Durablethe CT Mask is designed for use for 90-120 washings, with proper care.  Affordablethe CT Mask is an invaluable accessory in maintaining your winter-time freedom.  Easy to Usethe CT Mask simply slips on, and sliders on the straps adjust the fit.  Easy to Cleanthe CT Mask may be hand-washed with warm water and a non-allergenic soap and then allowed to air dry.  Antimicrobialthe CT Mask contains 100% copper mesh, PORON® (medical grade urethane), and Napped Lycra® Jersey (94% polyolefin AM/P2, napped/6% Lycra®) - all three possess antimicrobial properties.

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