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Respiratory Therapist comments about the CT Mask

What Others are Saying About the CT Mask...

"I think the CT Mask is one of the best winter items I have ever owned, and it has allowed me to get out and walk to different places in our small city despite the cold."
Jamison, Plattsburgh, NY 

"I am a 65 year old male with COPD and asthma.  I reside in southern Maine where the temperatures seldom go out of the 20's during the winter.  These cold temperatures make it nearly impossible for me to enjoy any outdoor activities and difficult for me to do my snow removal chores.  I have tried other masks with limited success, either they were uncomfortable or did not perform well.  Your new CT Mask is a superb product!  I am able to stay outdoors, breathe the cold air, and suffer NO ill effects.  The mask adjusts easily using the two straps, making it extremely comfortable to wear.  The removable filter allows for easy cleaning.  A major advantage to your mask is that I have the option of wearing a hat when necessary, making me less likely to become overheated and perspire as is the case with hooded models.  On a rating scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being the highest rating, I would rate your product 5 stars in performance, user friendliness, comfort, and styling."
Mel, Gorham, Maine

“I have had trouble breathing cold air for the past five years.  The only thing I could do is try to hold my hand over my mouth and nose, but I just couldn’t tolerate the cold air.  When I wear the CT Mask, I can go outside – even in the extreme temperatures in Edmonton!”
Ken, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I have never worn a mask before, because I didn’t like the style of them, and they were so thin, I didn’t see any benefit.  I like the CT Mask, it is stylish without being too large and bulky, but more importantly, it has allowed me to walk my dog even in extremely cold weather.  In fact, where can I get one of these for my dog?  He now gets cold before I do!  The mask works really well, and it is more important to me in going outside than boots!”
Bill, Eaton Rapids, MI 

“I tested the CT Mask by going outside without the mask and then going back outside with the mask.  I experienced pain in my chest without the mask and I was quite comfortable when wearing the CT Mask.  I was even able to go ice fishing!”
Richard, Mekinock, ND 

“Last winter, I couldn’t even go to the mailbox, but this winter, using the CT Mask, I have been able to enjoy the long walk down the drive to get the mail.  The mask is very soft and comfortable, and the air I breathe is noticeably warmer.  This mask works wonders!”
Louise, Sparta, MI

 “I really like the CT Mask!  I am a cyclist, and the mask allows me to ride my usual workout without coughing afterwards.  I particularly like that the copper module did not break down or show signs of anything building up on the mesh from the moisture.”
Jeff, Newark, DE 

“I can now go comfortably from my house to my car.  Just this simple thing was sometimes impossible for me to do – I had to put my hand over my mouth and not breathe in cold air at all.  But with the CT Mask, I have been able to go from the house to the car with no problem.  I have even been able to clean snow off the patio!  At first, I didn’t wear the mask around others because I was a bit self conscious, but after realizing how well it works, I began wearing it more.  Now my friends are quite interested, and they are asking me lots of questions about the mask!”
Vic, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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