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Click on link to view user brochure CT Mask User Brochure-2011final.pdf

How does the CT Mask work?

Inside each mask is a very efficient, heat-transfer, patented thermal exchange module which affects a heat exchange cycle by regulating air flow through its chambers and directing the air over a low turbulence thermal medium. Heat and moisture from each exhaled breath is captured within the module and transferred into the next inhaled breath of fresh air, setting up a cycle of breathing warm, moist air.

How cold does it have to be to use the CT Mask?
Cold is relative. Many people say that it is uncomfortable for them to breathe air under 40°F. We recommend using the CT Mask whenever you think it is cold outside.

Is there a CO2 build up?
The CT Mask is designed to capture the heat and moisture from your exhaled breath in the module, and not recycle your breath. The internal volume of the thermal exchange module is approximately 50 ml and the average inhaled breath is over 500 ml.

How do you use the CT Mask?
Follow the step by step pictures and word instructions on the back of the carton.  Click on link to view carton CT Mask carton-nph-Jan14.pdf

  1. Hold the Mask in both hands, gripping it with your thumbs on the inside and placed over the left and right seams of the breathing module.
  2. Position the mask above and slightly behind your head with the lower strap below the crown of your head.
  3. With the lower strap against the back of your head, pull the Mask forward like putting on a cap, then pull it down over your face until it is in place over your mouth and nose.
  4. Adjust the ear covers, then the lower strap behind the base of your head.
  5. Adjust the upper strap across the top of your head.
  6. Position the Mask for fit and comfort with the breathing module snug under your nose and the multiple small breathing holes positioned directly against your mouth.

What is the CT Mask made of?
The CT Mask is made from the finest fabrics and highest quality materials.

  • PORON® (antimicrobial medical urethane)
  • Napped Antimicrobial Lycra Jersey®  (94% AM/P2 napped, 6% Lycra®)
  • Polartec® fleece (100% Dacron® polyester)
  • 100% copper mesh

How should I care for my CT Mask?

  • The Mask is for individual use and not to be shared with another person.
  • The Breathing Module is designed for an individual to be able to use for 90-120 washings before needing to be replaced.
  • The Mask and Breathing Module should be cleaned separately.  Clean them both with warm water and a non-allergenic soap and then allow them to air dry.
  • The Breathing Module should be cleaned at the end of each day after use.
  • The Mask should be cleaned when it is dirty.  At least once a week if you wear it every day.
  • Proper cleaning and drying of the Mask and Breathing Module is important to prevent the slight possibility of contaminates arising.

What activities are appropriate for CT Mask use?
Most, if not all, of your normal cold-eather, outdoors activities can be enjoyed while wearing the CT Mask.  Users, under the care of a physician for medical treatment, should not engage in any activities, while wearing the CT Mask, which are prohibited by their healthcare provider.

Will wearing the CT Mask fog my glasses?
It should not fog your glasses if worn properly. However, if fogging should occur, it can be minimized by cleaning your glasses with a foam shaving cream (not a gel).

Are there any other benefits from wearing the CT Mask?
Yes, in addition to the health benefits, breathing warm air in the cold allows your entire body to stay much warmer because your body does not have to use its heat to warm each breath you take. Our studies show that you will be more alert and have better dexterity, too.

Who should NOT use the CT Mask?
The CT Mask is not for everyone.  Some people may feel the CT Mask, or any mask, restricts their airflow causing them discomfort and should immediately discontinue wearing the mask.

Please note that respiratory masks are personal products which due to health standards may not be exchanged or returned for resale.  Masks are guaranteed if defective in materials or construction.

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